Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Montenegro Eldar Hasanov held a meeting with Minister of Interior Affairs of Montenegro, Mevludin Nuhocic.

Ambassador  Eldar Hasanov stated that the relations between Azerbaijan and Montenegro based on mutual support, trust and traditional cooperation.

Sharing the views of  ambassador, Minster Mevludin Nuhocic noted that  the relations between the two countries bears exemplary character and Montenegro is a reliable friend of Azerbaijan.

M.Nuhocic said that the “Agreement between the Government  of Montenegro   and   the  Government  of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the readmission of persons residing without  authorization”  will be signed in the near future and draft of “Agreement on cooperation in the field of emergency situations between  Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan the Government of Montenegro” is currently in the final stages of internal procedures.

Minster stressed the importance of cooperation between law enforcement authorities of two countries and noted that  Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro is in cooperation  with the central office of  Interpol in Baku. 

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