Novruz celebration was held in Podgorica, capital of Montenegro

Azerbaijan – Montenegro Cultural and Economical Center organized Novruz celebration with the support of the “Azmont Investments” company and the Diplomatic Mission of Azerbaijan in Montenegro.

Montenegrin senior state and government officials, parliamentarians, political parties, non-governmental organizations, representatives of the diplomatic corps in Podgorica and Azerbaijanis who lives in Montenegro were present at the event.


Head of the Diplomatic Mission of Azerbaijan in Montenegro Seyran Mirzazade stated that Novruz is the holiday of friendship, solidarity, unity, peace, purity. Novruz calls people to remain committed to the highest human values.


Providing information about the traditions of Novruz in Azerbaijan, the diplomat stressed that the celebration of Novruz have been included in the UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage and by the General Assembly of the United Nations' International Day of Novruz was announced.


Participants of the event were informed that 2016 was announced as a year of "Multiculturalism" in Azerbaijan.  It was noted that in Azerbaijan the representatives of different nations and religions are living in atmosphere of mutual understanding, peace and tranquility.


In the end national dishes and sweets of Azerbaijan were presented to the guest by the experts of the Azerbaijan National Culinary Center while listening to Azerbaijani national music.

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