Minister Konjević and the ambassador Hasanov agreed upon reinforcement of cooperation in the sphere of internal affairs and emergency

Minister of Internal Affairs Raško Konjević met the ambassador of Azerbaijan in Montenegro Eldar Hasanov today, on the occasion of which they expressed appreciation of previous cooperation between the two countries and estimated that there is enough space and willingness for its further expansion and reinforcement.

The ambassador Hasanov Ambassador Hasanov complimented the Ministry of Internal Affairs for an extremely high degree of the order and peace in Montenegro and for being a country where both Montenegrin citizens and tourists feel equally safe.

He presented numerous projects which Azerbaijan carries out in Montenegro confirming the willingness to expand the cooperation in the sphere of internal affairs and emergency.

Minister Konjević pointed out the significance of continuous capacity reinforcement and modernization of mechanisms for prevention and efficient action in emergency.

The ambassador Hasanov invited minister Konjević to visit Baku which the latter accepted.

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