Bust to Huseyn Javid unveiled in Podgorica, Montenegro

Kings Park, for which the reconstruction cost was donated by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, under the Diplomatic mission to Montenegro and at the initiative of the President Ilham Aliyev, was opened on 11th of September 2013 in downtown Podgorica. The red ribbon was officially cut by the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Elchin Efendiyev and Mayor Miomir Mugoša .

Citizens of Podgorica have received as a gift from the Azerbaijani the green oasis in an area of ​​1.7 hectares, which includes modern furniture, lighting , irrigation and security. Among the new contents, there are barn with tables for chess, big fountain and children playground and there is a wireless internet area around the park.

There is a plateau with two monuments in the park – to Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin and Azerbaijani poet Huseyn Javid,  in front of more than a hundred people gathered, unveiled by the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović and Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Elchin Efendiyev.

The two of them, together with the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Montenegro, Eldar Hasanov  and the host – Mayor Miomir Mugoša have planted laurel tree in Kings Park, a symbol of peace and success.

The opening ceremony was attended by the ministers of the government of Montenegro, ambassadors of several countries, many diplomats, politicians, presidents of the municipalities and many others.

– As the mayor and the citizen of  Podgorica, I am extremely pleased that we have received this green oasis on the shore of the river Ribnica worthy the king’s name it bears. Gratitude for today’s imposing appearance of the park we owe to our friends – the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which by initiative of President Aliyev, as a sign of friendship, donated funds for its restoration – said the mayor Mugoša.

The first man of Podgorica said that Azerbaijan is one of the largest foreign investors in Montenegro and Mugoša believes that new and significant investments are yet to come.

Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Elchin Efendiyev said that the opening of the bust of  Huseyn Javidin Kings park represents respect for his personality and his work.

– It is such a person, the philosopher and thinker who was in 1937 the victim of repression and was sent to Siberia, where he died. Exactly 45 years later, the remains of this great man were returned to Azerbaijan. The fact that his bust stands opposite to your  Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin is a sign of the friendly relations and hope that they will in the future develop even further – this is the best symbol between Azerbaijan and Montenegro – said the Deputy Prime Minister Efendiyev.

For result of the direct efforts of Azerbaijan’s national leader Heydar Aliyev,  not only all the  prohibitions over H.Javid were removed, it was unprecedented step until that time  – the grave of Javid was brought home from Siberia, and was buried in his motherland – Ambassador Eldar Hasanov said.

Mr. Ambassador also added: “Renovation and restoration of King’s Park and perpetuation of the great Azerbaijani poet and playwright Huseyn Javid and recovery of well-known publisher Bozidar Podgorician’s bust are realized by the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Government of Azerbaijan. We really approach to this park as a symbol of friendly relations between the peoples of Azerbaijan and Montenegro. I consider, there is great need for cultural fusion, because the mutual understanding between friendly countries, including the intensification of interethnic communication and dialogue is very important in these days. This monument erected in the King’s Park, serves  to the cultural and literary heritage as well as such a noble aim – friendship and humanity. It is also estimable that, all condition created for the rest of all the people in the park – from children to those in retirement age” Mr. Ambassador also added.


Minister of culture Branislav Mićunović said that by opening of the gates of the King’s Park, opens a new book in which will remain written for generations “that we cherish the friendship and cooperation between the two countries – Azerbaijan and Montenegro”.

– By opening of  these doors we enter into the historical chapter, which is based on the new standards of political, economic and cultural cooperation between Montenegro and Azerbaijan. Going through this door we will see mines in which golden verses and replicas of  Huseyn Javid shine. opposite him stands the Duke Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin, which has continued the tradition of  Crnojevića by the printing and publishing work – said minister Mićunović.

Reconstruction of the park was made by the author project of Azerbaijani architect Eldar Huseinov. The chief designer was the architect Mladen Đurović, a contractor Architectural Studio in Podgorica, with the support of companies and services of the Capital.

On the ceremony the drinks were served, there was the folklore program, and the visitors could take from one of the stands to books of Azerbaijani authors that have been translated and printed in Montenegro.

The construction of the King’s Park began in 1910 in honor of the coronation of King Nikola, and was rebuilt in 1954. Mayor Mugoša on Wednesday visited the Baku street with Azerbaijani delegation that runs through the Tološka šuma and which represents, as he described “a symbol of the connection between our major cities.”

Azerbaijanis paid a lot of attention to the opening of the King’s Park and visit to Baku street (bearing the name of their capital) in Podgorica and this is evidenced by reports and interviews which reporters of their AZ TV had with Montenegrin diplomats. After the opening ceremony of the park, the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, answered the questions of journalists from Azerbaijan and during the visit to the Baku street, Mayor Miomir Mugoša was talking to the Azeri television about investments in Montenegro, as well as about the cooperation between the two countries.

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