Khojaly awareness campaign held in Montenegro

On 26 February 2015 Azerbaijan Diplomatic Mission to Montenegro and Azerbaijan – Montenegro Economical and Cultural Center organized the 23th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide memorial ceremony in Podgorica.


Governmental and non-governmental organizations operating in Montenegro, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in this country, religious communities, the media and representatives of other organizations attended the meeting.

The translation of the joint appeal by the Leaders of religious communities in Azerbaijan, "to the religious leaders, parliaments, international organizations and the European Court of Human Rights”  were distributed and guest were informed about “Justice for Khojaly” campaign.


The participants signed a petition to join the campaign "Light a Fire to Fight the Liar", based on the slogan, paid tribute to the brutally murdered martyrs of Khojaly and burned 613 pieces of candle. Participants also were informed about web pages in Montenegrin about Khojaly genocide, www.khojaly.me and www.xocali.me

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