Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro Nebojsa Kaluđerović received the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Montenegro Eldar Hasanov.

Ambassador expressed particular satisfaction regarding the achieved results of bilateral cooperation and praised the achievements that Montenegro has made concerning the implementation of the foreign policy priorities – the EU and NATO. He emphasized the importance of the recent visit of the first Prime Minister Igor Luksic Azerbaijan, when the directions of further cooperation between the two countries. Talking about economic relations, he singled out the importance of investment companies – SOCAR in Kumbor and he is confident that this project will be the incentive and other investors to invest in Montenegro. E. Hasanov welcomed the decision of the Government of Montenegro on a temporary exemption from the visa requirement for nationals of Azerbaijan with the belief that this will be enhanced tourism cooperation between the two countries. 

Kaluđerović Minister stressed that the relations between the two countries are good, as evidenced by an intensive political dialogue at high level and specifically pointed to the interest in the promotion of cooperation in the field of economics. In this sense, agreed that investment SOCAR’s extremely important investment for Montenegro, but also a good example of the potential investors who are interested in our country. In the light of further strengthening economic cooperation, the minister Kaluđerović announced that the Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation between the two countries, which will soon be formed, will be an important forum for the discussion of new projects of mutual interest.

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