Presidents Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Filip Vujanović of Montenegro met in private

Good potential for development of bilateral ties in a variety of fields was stressed at the meeting.

The importance of Montenegrin President`s official visit to Azerbaijan for developing the relationship between the two countries was highlighted during the meeting.

The parties expressed assurance Azerbaijan-Montenegro relations would continue to develop successfully.

The Heads of State shared their opinions on the international and regional issues.

The talks between Presidents Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Filip Vujanovic of Montenegro in presence of delegations were followed by a ceremony of signing the Azerbaijan-Montenegro documents on Friday.

The agreement on cultural cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and Ministry of Culture of Montenegro was signed here by Azeri Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev and Montenegrin Culture Minister Branislav Micunovic.

The agreement on tourism cooperation between governments of Azerbaijan and Montenegro was signed by Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Abulfas Garayev and Montenegrin Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavaric.

The agreement on mutual promotion and protection of investments between Governments of Azerbaijan and Montenegro was signed by Azerbaijan`s Minister of Economic Development Shahin Mustafayev and Montenegrin Economy Minister Vladimir Kavaric.

The agreement on economic cooperation between Governments of Azerbaijan and Montenegro was signed by Azerbaijan`s Minister of Economic Development Shahin Mustafayev and Montenegrin Economy Minister Vladimir Kavaric.

Following a ceremony of signing of the Azerbaijan-Montenegro documents, Presidents Ilham Aliyev and Filip Vujanovic have made statements for the media outlets.

President Ilham Aliyev once again welcomed his Montenegrin counterpart, adding Azerbaijan attaches great importance to this trip because it is the first official visit in the history of bilateral relations.

“Our political relations are developing. We have no problems in the political field. Both countries have big interest and desire for development of ties,” President Ilham Aliyev said.

The Azerbaijani leader underlined strengthening economic relations would be in the center of attention.

The Head of State underscored good conditions had been created for developing bilateral cooperation.

President Ilham Aliyev stressed the two countries were interested in cooperation in the fields of energy and transport.

The Azerbaijani President said there is no divergence of views between Azerbaijan and Montenegro in the regional issues.

The Azerbaijani leader noted he informed the Montenegrin President about the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, expressing hope this issue would be solved in the near future.

President Ilham Aliyev pointed out, during the meeting, the presidents exchanged views on Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Head of State stressed the importance of this visit for bilateral relationship.

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic thanked the Azerbaijani counterpart for kind words.

“We are happy with development of Azerbaijan`s economy and I`m sure this rapid development will continue,” said the Montenegrin leader.

Filip Vujanovic underlined the need for promotion of mutual investments.

“We have bilateral relations and I`m happy with it.”

The Montenegrin President said Montenegro established solid cultural relations with Azerbaijan.

Vujanovic said he supports the stance of the UN and European organizations on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The President said his visit to Azerbaijan marked a new era in bilateral relations.

Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic underlined these relations would be developing for the prosperity of both peoples.

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic visited the Azerbaijani Parliament, Milli Majlis where he met Speaker Ogtay Asadov.

The Milli Majlis Speaker said the Montenegrin President`s visit to Azerbaijan will give impetus to development of relationship between the two countries. He said Azerbaijan was a rapidly developing country in the region. “Azerbaijan is both the initiator and participant of major projects being carried out in the region, and the country is playing an important role in energy security of Europe.”

Asadov also underlined the role of parliaments in development of bilateral ties.

Touching upon the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict, the Speaker expressed confidence that Montenegro would support Azerbaijan`s stance on the problem.

For his part, Vujanovic praised the ongoing rapid development in Azerbaijan and the country`s position in the region.

He underscored the importance of legislative bodies in inter-state relations. The Montenegrin President also stressed the necessity of reciprocal visits and exchange of experience. “It is important for us to study Azerbaijan`s experience.”

President Vujanovic expressed assurance that his visit to Baku would contribute to developing relationship between the countries in all spheres.

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic has visited the Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

Here, the Montenegrin President was welcomed by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

President Vujanovic was informed about the activity of the Foundation.

He was told the main goal of the Foundation, established in memory of the Azerbaijani people`s national leader, is to study and popularize prominent political figure Heydar Aliyev`s rich heritage, give an idea to the future generations and foreign visitors about his large-scale activity to achieve Azerbaijan`s socio-economic, cultural progress, and assist projects promoting the country`s history and culture.

The President saw exhibits taken from the archive of the great leader and reflecting his childhood, youth, university years and career, pictures covering various moments of his life and giving a comprehensive idea of the whole history of Azerbaijan, photos taken with figures of science, culture and art, leaders of different countries.

President Vujanovic signed the Foundation`s Guest Book.

The Montenegrin President was presented with the Foundation`s keepsake.

An official reception was hosted Friday on behalf of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in honor of President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović.

Speaking at the event President Ilham Aliyev said:

- Dear Mr. President!

Distinguished guests!

I would like to welcome you to Azerbaijan again!

Today, Azerbaijani-Montenegrin relations are marking a significant event. The first official visit of the President of Montenegro to our country is being paid. I am very pleased that your visit has been very successful. I am confident that this visit will produce very good results.

We have discussed practically the entire spectrum of our bilateral relations, there are no disagreements between us. We, both the Montenegrin and Azerbaijani sides, are interested in further developing our ties and enhancing the mutual sympathy between our two nations.

The processes taking place in the political, economic and cultural spheres today show that our relations have a very good future. Your visit will give our political ties a very strong impetus. I am sure that the documents signed in the economic sphere and the exchange of views we have held will yield good results in the near future. We have also discussed investment opportunities; there are good prospects in the fields of tourism and culture. At the same time, there are good opportunities in the energy, oil and gas, and transport sectors. Of course, all these issues show how broad our bilateral relations are. But at the same time, I think we should pay great attention to contacts between people. Citizens of our countries should be closer to each other because our countries have a similar history. Both your country and ours were once part of other states. The history of our independence is not too long. But both our countries have come a very long and successful path of development in the years of independence. And both countries are optimistic of the future. Representatives of various nationalities and religions live in an atmosphere of friendship, like one family, both in Montenegro and Azerbaijan, and this factor also unites our country.

Dear Mr. President, I want to point out again that we are attaching great importance to your visit. I am very pleased that during this visit you have had the opportunity to get acquainted with our country. This is your first visit, but I am sure that there will be more mutual visits in future.

I raise this glass to your health, to your people!

Thank you.

x x x

Thanking the President of Azerbaijan for the invitation to pay an official visit to our country, President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović recalled the merits of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev. He said that the biography of the great leader played an important part in the history and destiny of the Azerbaijani people. He noted that it was in the years of Heydar Aliyev`s leadership in Azerbaijan that the country further strengthened its independence and became a developing country.

Filip Vujanović said the two countries had a lot in common, that Azerbaijan and Montenegro were successfully advancing along the path of independence, leaving a great legacy for future generations. “I am very glad that we have laid the foundation of a new stage between our countries,” Filip Vujanović said and added that Azerbaijan and Montenegro have been cooperating successfully in many areas and that the documents signed during the visit would create a good basis for the development of relations. “Montenegro wants Azerbaijani investors to actively participate in our country`s investment environment,” Filip Vujanović said, pointing at favorable opportunities for cooperation in the tourism sector. 

During his visit President of Montenegro had a meeting with Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Artur Rasizade.

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